Indigenous Indo-Aryans and the Rigveda

by Nicholas Kazanas


This paper, reproduced with the author’s permission, examines in some depth issues involved in the Aryan debate: Were the Indo-Aryans who composed the Rigveda intrusive into India, or were they indigenous? Literary evidence, archaeology, astronomy, linguistics and the question of the lost Sarasvati river, among other angles, are brought into play to argue that contrary to dominant theories, the Rigveda preceded the Harappan urban phase.

This paper appeared in The Journal of Indo-European Studies (vol. 30, nos. 3 & 4, Fall/Winter 2002, pp. 275-334) and triggered a lively debate.
It is available for download as a pdf file (330 kB) so as to preserve its diacritics.

Dr. Nicholas Kazanas is a Greek Indologist and a scholar of ancient Greek as well as Sanskrit. Some of his papers can be found on the website of the Omilos Meleton institute.

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