Evolution of the Western Coastline of India and the Probable Location of Dwaraka of Krishna: Geological Perspectives

R. N. Iyengar & B. P. Radhakrishna


This paper goes deep into the vexed issue of the location of Dwaraka, the legendary city founded by Sri Krishna. Surveying a wide range of Sanskrit literature as well as geological data, it concludes that the city could not have been the present Dwarka located on the western tip of Saurashtra. Rather, it must have been located on the eastern margin of the Cambay basin, and was either drowned or washed away by the sea around 1400 BC.

Dr. R. N. Iyengar is a Raja Ramanna Fellow and teaches at the Dept. of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He is also an Indologist with expertise in archaeoastronomy. Dr. B. P. Radhakrishna is a well-known senior geologist and president of the Geological Society of India, Bangalore.

This paper, published in the Journal Geological Society of India (vol. 66, September 2005, pp. 285-292), is reproduced with Dr. Iyengar’s permission and is available for download as a PDF file (420 kB) so as to preserve its diacritics.

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