Rig-Veda is pre-Harappan

by Nicholas Kazanas


Conventional Indology is based on the theory that Aryans entered India towards the middle of the second millennium bce and provided the foundations for Indian civilization; in this perspective, the Indus or Harappan civilization would be pre-Vedic. A growing number of studies have disputed this, arguing that connections between Harappan and Vedic cultures run deep and developing a variety of arguments in favour of a pre-Harappan date for the Rig-Veda. This paper summarizes some of those arguments and adds to them.

Dr. Nicholas Kazanas is a Greek Indologist and a scholar of ancient Greek as well as Sanskrit. Some of his papers can be found on the website of the Omilos Meleton institute.

An updated version of this paper was published in Sanskrit Studies, vol. 2, ed. Wagish Shukla (New Delhi: D.K. Printworld, 2007). It is available for download as a pdf file (290 kB) so as to preserve its diacritics.

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