Groundwork and Targets

IFIH's convener, Michel Danino, will be the project's coordinator; he has gathered substantial material for several of the first nine themes (and written or lectured on them). He has also been assured the collaboration of scholars, historians and archaeologists, many of whom are founder members of IFIH or associated with IFIH; they will provide guidance, material, or will, in a few cases, directly put the material into shape.

The first CD will be the most challenging: researchers will have to be organized, and the software to be designed and extensively tested. Multimedia quality is critical to the series' success, and a preliminary study is being done in collaboration with a Coimbatore software firm.

Starting in April 2008, we project six to eight months for a prototype with limited material - to be tested on diverse audiences - and a year for completion.

Subsequent CDs should be prepared at the rate of two per year, depending on financial and human resources available. The first phase would thus be over in five years. As regards the second phase, some of its groundwork could start alongside the preparation of the first.

Contact us if you can assist this ambitious project in any way.

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