Structure of the CDs

The CDs will deal with one theme each, and will have a uniform design and functioning. Shunning dry scholarship, they convey a concrete grasp of the topic illustrated through multimedia material presented in a structured way and accessible through separate areas on the CD:


Will offer:


a 45-minute introductory lecture (with recorded commentary in at least two voices) integrating visuals, maps, charts, video clips, animations, etc.


additional video clips when available.



Will contain:


an illustrated paper corresponding to the introductory lecture


more photographs and illustrations when available


for more advanced research, a selection of articles / papers (with permission from the authors)


extracts from / full text of select books (with permission from the authors, or from the public domain)


a bibliography


suggested Internet resources of quality.


Student's Corner

The most important area. It will open with a choice of two levels - beginner and intermediate - and will include:


why and how the CD's theme is relevant to a knowledge and practical understanding of today's India


a series of 10 to 20 graded lessons, with "points to remember" and numerous links to the CD's dictionary, to Who's Who, etc.


self-grading series of questions and answers, with answers supplied by the software on the student's demand


learn to think: design your own experiments or lines of research; as examples, a few questions and riddles will be provided with only general guidance


games based on the theme: crosswords, map-based games, quizzes, etc.


Teacher's Corner

This area aims at training a teacher on the CD's theme. It can be used not only by teachers but also by school / college managements. It will contain:


suggestions for teacher training


how to integrate important points from the CD's theme in the teacher's regular classes (if possible, with links to the CBSE / ICSE curricula on a year-to-year basis)


series of graded questions and answers (two levels: beginner and intermediate)


topics for research projects (especially of the kind that will relate to today's India)


themes for debates with students on the CD's theme


suggestions of other extracurricular activities, including dramas, visits to sites, museums, events, etc.


misconceptions / pitfalls / stereotypes to be avoided on the particular theme.


Parents' Corner

This area will tell parents:


how their child will benefit from the study of this theme


how to guide their child through the CD and monitor progress


suggestions for discussions with the child


suggested activities: research at home or outside.


Who's who


A list of brief portraits of important figures who have contributed to the particular theme - great scientists, statesmen, litterateurs, thinkers, mythical or historical figures, etc.


Did You know ?


A few striking facts and figures designed to whet the user's appetite.




At least 100 brief entries (500-700 words each) dealing with the CD's theme


a list of technical words (English and Indian languages such as Sanskrit or Tamil).




A search engine to quickly locate material on the CD.


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