Why IFIH ?

In recent years there has been a growing sense of alarm at the degree of rootlessness and deculturization among young Indians. One reason for this situation is India’s educational system. Still rooted in the colonial era, it has come to exclude virtually all of Indian culture, ancient or recent, in the name of “secularism.” While genuine secularism in no way rejects culture, in India our brand of secularism imposes cultural nihilism and dry mechanical learning on generations of students, instead of equipping them with a sound knowledge of their culture, and with values that would help them realize their human potential.

The result is a poignant paradox: An Indian child goes through her or his whole schooling while remaining largely ignorant of the essential manifestations and values of Indian culture. Undeniably endowed with one of the richest cultural heritages in the world, India sees to it that it remains beyond the reach of her children.

This unnatural situation gave rise to IFIH. The idea is not one more association or society, but a forum-cum-network centred around a core of academics, artists, scientists, journalists, writers, social workers, and environmentalists.

IFIH’s main focus is the educational and cultural fields. It is open to individuals and institutions and organizations working towards similar goals. To grow in strength, IFIH needs the active support of lovers of India’s cultural heritage; any person or institution supporting IFIH’s charter is welcome. Join it as a Life Member, participate in and support IFIH’s projects, or contact us with your suggestions.

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